There was a need to start a Gauteng to KZN travel group for those that wish to advertise lifts that they are offering or requesting. Now this group is reserved for the travel mails only and people in this group don't like the adverts because that’s not what they joined the group for.

Although the group is called Johannesburgtodurban this does not restrict you in any way. Cape Town to Pretoria? You welcome to advertise any long distance travel intentions on this site.

To advertise a long distance lift ad, send the advert, along with your details, to Please keep your adverts to a maximum of 150 characters.

For more info on the Johannesburgtodurban group you can request the document from the owners by mailing

To subscribe to the JohannesburgtoDurban mailing list, click ::Here::

PLEASE NOTE: At present, JHB2DBN Ads will only be posted to the mailing list and not on the IG website. This feature will be fully operational once the entire Indians Gauteng site construction is completed.

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